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General Questions

This is understandably the foremost question on a buyer’s mind, because we as consumers are skeptical. Well, I’ve been doing this for 18 years, so the resounding answer would have to be YES – it really works. The repairs make a dramatic visual difference to your car.

I will write in the first-person here – I, Bill McLean – because ultimately, my name and my experience is what I’m selling. No corporate veil to hide behind – it’s my name on the line, and I personally have a hand in everything we sell. It’s an integrity thing – and I produce a product that I stand behind 100 percent.

Will it work for every single situation? Of course not. But it will work very well on most typical stone chips that annoy every car owner – those little dots across the front of the vehicle.

That’s what we specialize in:  hiding those ugly stone chips.

Yes. I’ve monitored chip repairs on vehicles from 13 years ago and they look just as good as they did the day I made them. I suggest you keep away from high-pressure wash sprayers for a month, and ultimately, refrain from doing so at very close proximity at any time (3 inches or less.)

We’ve spent many years helping customers maximize the benefits of their paint chip repair kits. The kit is really easy to use, but there are going to be situations where the customer just can’t get it to work the way they want it to work. There are three basic reasons here- they just need a little guidance, their expectations are too high, or the repair is just something not intended to address by touch-up means.

I’ll offer the best guidance I can via a phone call, email, or in person. I take each situation personally and will offer the best of my ability to help you. And I offer an extensive amount of information on this website to see that your expectations are realistic.

I don’t promise miracles – a brand new looking hood via a magic wand. I promise you’ll get the absolute best repair you could get short of buying a new panel or (perhaps) having a body shop respray it, because that’s always a gamble in itself.

In short, I pride myself on providing the absolute best customer support you could expect. If you fail in your repair, then I fail as well.

There are a few common examples of why a customer might be less than thrilled with their purchase:

Wrong color.  By your choice or our formulating, this is obviously a problem. But we can work with that.

Repair not intended for our product.  Our FAQ page is pretty detailed with regard to what the kit will work for, and what it won’t. Please contact us if you’re unsure about the probability of our kit working great for your situation.

Expectations.  You thought the kit was going to be the magic wand that cures all issues. While it works extremely well on typical paint chip damage, well on larger chips and pretty darn good on some types of scratches, it’s not the cure-all for every problem.

Again, contact me with questions about the damage you want to fix. Email photos if you’d like. I’ll personally give you my best determination on how well my kit will work for you. I want happy customers!

Prep and Color Matching

Wash and dry the car. If you have some wax on the surface, get my Prep RX paint prep solution for a few bucks. It’s made to remove wax, silicone residue (from being around body shops, for example) and other contaminants that may affect paint adhesion.

We guarantee the color match of every kit we sell.

There are rare situations where the initial color you receive may be off, for various reasons – primarily due to variants from each production run of the vehicle. Body shops struggle often to match the paint for the same reasons.

Some vehicles have 15 or more variant paint formulations. But in our world of minor paint chip repairs, this is usually negligible. The color can actually be off a little, and no one would ever notice.

However, if you apply and blend your paint and the color is off, we will mix it again with your guidance to get the match you need. We don’t give up on our customers.

Tri-coat pearl colors are sprayed in three stages:

  1. A base coat, usually an off-white flat color.
  2. A mid-coat, which is a different color of white.
  3. Then a clear coat, which is tinted with the pearlescent colors that give it that pop.

Unfortunately, there is no way to replicate this color exactly with one bottle of paint. And you’d tear your hair out trying to apply three different coats of paint to each chip to achieve that visual effect. It wouldn’t work anyway.

We’ve spent countless hours creating a variety of approximate-match pearl colors that, when applied and blended on the vehicles, negate the ugly visuals of the black chips you see.

Utilizing 4 paint lines with which to formulate colors, we’ve done a pretty good job of creating a color that will look very good at hiding your chips on these challenging colors.

We have a fleet of professionals on the streets that service dealerships every day using these tri-coat approximations without issues, so we are confident you’ll be very pleased with the results you’ll get on your car.

Visit our before & after photos of pearl tri-coat repairs to see examples.

Repair Types

Repairing a bad case of road rash – a whole front end of a car spackled in chips – is what I really get excited about when using our paint chip repair kit.

Why? Because the process creates the most dramatic before and after visuals. It’s very impressive. And it’s instant gratification to the car owner that uses it for this purpose. It’s actually fun. It’s where my kit shines above the regular touch-up process.

If your car has road rash, you’re going to want to buy my kit.

Scratches are unique animals because there are so many variations. Our kit works very well on some, and won’t do a darn thing for others. The primary factors are depth, color and location.


Deep, narrow scratches, where the paint is missing from the surface, can be usually be improved greatly using our kit. Try our paint pen for easy use on multiple narrow, deep scratches. Deep, wipe scratches can be improved as well, though it requires a little more patience. Many scratches are only in the clear coat. Our paint kit will not help much in these situations, though one can generally buff them out, requiring no paint at all.


Most colors with scratches will be much improved using our kit. The exception would be light silvers, golds and other light colored metallics. Unfortunately, If the scratch in such colors has broken through the clear coat and paint is missing, it’s difficult to see a noticeable improvement after the repair. It’s just the nature of such colors. However, using one of our methods will still offer the best repair DIY repair and will help protect the panel from rust.


As with chips, scratch location determines the quality of success from a visual perspective. An identical scratch repair on a hood as will look much better than one on the door. It’s all about the angle from which the eye views it. On a vertical surface, the scratch will be more visible than on one that’s horizontal. Again, it’s the nature of the beast.

My kit works most effectively on small chips, with the maximum optimal size approaching that of a pencil top eraser, about ¼ inch in diameter.

However, we’ve had very good results on chips the size of nickels and dimes. These are really best addressed by a body shop, but if you’re not inclined to spend that kind of money, you’ll still realize a huge improvement using our kit.


I’ve used my paint over small rusted chips and it seemed to hold up fine, but the proper advice would be to remove the rust first.

Try our Rust RX product to instantly convert the rust to a primed, paintable surface.